One-day Tour in Xi'an

The information of one-day tour is as below:

Terracotta Warriors (兵马俑) 

The highlight of any Xi'an tour and one of the world's top archaeological finds, the Terracotta Warriors were accidentally unearthed by peasants in 1974. Here you'll see over 6,000 life-size Qin Dynasty-era terracotta soldiers, chariots and horses, an army designed to protect Qin Shihuang, China's first emperor, in the afterlife. This impressive site is located to the east of his tomb. It's one of the more recent culturally significant finds and this is a great chance to see them

Huaqing Pool (华清池)

Huaqing Pool (Huaqing Hot Springs) is a complex of bathing houses and pools created in the Tang dynasty to serve as a royal bathing spot for Emperor Xuan Zong during winters spent with his concubine, Yang Guifei. Their story is one of love and loss, a well-known Chinese tragic romance. Take a look at the imperial bathhouses and visit the small museum to get a glimpse of royal life in past times. 

Mount Li (骊山)  

A mountain located in the northwest of Xi'an . The mountain is part of the Qinling mountain range and rises to a height of 1302 metres above sea level. It is one of the eight scenic spots of the Guanzhong Plain and popularly said to "shine like a beacon in the evening sunlight".



Price: 450RMB(65USD) / Per Person


1) Guide service 2) Transportation 3) Admission fees (Terracotta Warriors & Huaqing Pool)


Tips, meals, personal expenses or all items not listed in the "Price includes" section